HP ProBook 6560b Laptop Review

The HP ProBook 6560b at first glance is not distinguishable from other laptops. However, this business rugged machine was designed for the modern day businessman. It’s sleek, charcoal black aluminum case is smooth to the touch. Weighing in at a little less than six pounds, this laptop was made to hit the road. HP really got a handle on what the needs are of business professionals with this model. Quiet, durable, and secure would be the best way to describe this notebook.

HP ProBook 6560b Notebook

Versatility expert. Get the job done-anywhere, anytime. From writing reports to attending mobile meetings, this HP ProBook 6560b with a 15.6-inch diagonal HD display is perfect for everyday business tasks.

A member of HP’s popular B-series, which was recently refreshed with improved specs, the 6560b sports a utilitarian case made of a brownish bead-blasted aluminum that proved resistant to my attempts to scuff it up by carrying it for a couple of days in a bag filled with pens, a phone, a wire-ringed notebook, and a camera. A HP CC06 battery magnesium-reinforced chassis gives it a solid feel, while a cleverly designed base with drainage grates allows any liquids one might inadvertently splash on the keyboard to safely seep out the bottom.

The HP ProBook 6560b’s case is a treat in terms of looks. On top of that, a solid notebook is created by the used materials. The case’s workmanship is excellent and is continued over the entire device. The reinforced magnesium chassis however also has a drawback. The laptop is almost at the absolute limit of acceptability in terms of portability with 2.9 kg. You notice every gram of your HP ProBook when it’s carried around. The dimensions of 37.4 cm x 25.1 cm x 3.4 cm are also peak values for a laptop of this device category. The model, 6460b (review will follow soon), might be of interest in case of high demands on portability. It is more compact with its 14 inch screen and thus a bit lighter.

HP Probook laptop series welcoming three new members of their tribe. They are the 13.3-inch ProBook 6360b, ProBook 6460b with 14-inch display and the 15.5-incher ProBook 6560b. All three new models powered by Intel Core CPU and arrive in a magnesium-reinforced ABS chassis with a bottom-case drain and aluminum display enclosures. Of course the keyboard is spill resistant.

One thing we noticed with our test model of the HP ProBook 6560b was a lot of noise. Apart from the cooling fan, we noticed a consistent and annoying whirring sound coming from the chassis, which we presume was from the hard drive. We weren’t able to narrow down the cause of this HP ProBook 6560b AC adapter, but a similar noise was also very noticeable it on the Dell Latitude E6420, which we also tested with the 32-bit version of Windows 7.

The only complaint was ProBook 6560b did not come with an HDMI port. Certainly had a lot of USB and eSATA port and a memory card reader. But not HDMI. I forgot that is a harbor view, but I want to be in connection with this bad boy on my TV and stream movies and TV MLB.tv in a hotel room, I can not stay in. Sign in HP adds HDMI. Airplane mode is a system in which it intends to remove the bluetooth, wireless and wireless boradband. Airplane mode does not remove the Wi-Fi no longer existing Wi-Fi on planes.

The included 6 cell HP ProBook 6560b battery was able to last for just over 6 hours using the Laptop Mag Battery testing tool which is fairly good for web surfing with the display at a still usable 40% brightness. The notebook could likely stretch out close to 7 hours if you dimmed the display or were working with the WiFi turned off, but 6 hours is representative of what most users will see.

Featuring an Intel Core i3 2310M processor and a 15.6″ LED backlit HD display, the HP ProBook 6560b Notebook has the power to get everything done and look good doing it. The ProBook 6560b comes standard with 4 GB of RAM, but can be upgraded to as much as 16 GB. The 320 GB hard drive offers plenty of space to store all of your important files and pictures. The HP ProBook 6560b also features a bead-blast aluminum display enclosure, offering the perfect blend of style and performance.

Get flexibility, functionality and value with the HP ProBook 6560 notebook PC. It’s easy to stay productive with a 15.6-inch diagonal HD LED display, innovative security features, enhanced graphics and wireless connectivity.

HP ProBook 6560b is anything but flashy, but it does the job While consumer notebooks with similar specs can be found for less, they lack the ProBook’s durability and security options Read more on The Globe and Mail Windows-powered netbook showcase Microsoft subsequently decided to continue offering Windows XP for netbooks.

The HP ProBook 6560b isn’t flashy or as refined as an HP EliteBook and it’s aimed at small business users rather than corporate types. It’s not perfect by any means, but there are lots of things to like about it: good performance, solid build quality and plenty security features. However, there are also many things to dislike: it’s heavy, it’s noisy, it doesn’t make use of switchable graphics, it could use a better keyboard and touchpad, and our review model came with the 32-bit version of Windows 7 Pro installed by default.

As for the rest ot its features list, this HP ProBook 6560b include an integrated SuperMulti DVD drive, built in Multi-in-1 digital media card reader, Wireless-N WiFi compatibility, Gigabit Ethernet LAN, built in 56k modem, four total of hi-speed USB 2.0 with one eSATA/USB 2.0 Combo port, one FireWire port, a standard VGA video out, one DisplayPort, built in stereo speaker with SRS Premium Sound, both audio line in/out jacks, an Express Card/54 for expansion. The notebook comes standard with a 6-cell lithium ion HP ProBook 6560b battery that promises up to 6.75 hours of battery life.

Boasting an elevated level of design in a tungsten color, the HP ProBook 6560b sports a bead-blasted aluminum display enclosure, a magnesium-reinforced ABS chassis, and a bottom case with drain that helps protect against accidental minor spills. The full-sized keyboard allows you to type quickly, and the generous touchpad is conducive to using gestures.

The HP ProBook 6560b ships standard with Windows 7 64-bit operating system, with optional downgrade to a 32-bit system in the box if required. On-board connectivity includes wireless and Bluetooth with optional 3G and HSDPA support. Gigabit network connection option is provided along with a 56K internal modem. It also has an integrated 720p HD webcam for video chat and conferencing ability.

There is software theft, even available on the system at a cost of $ 43 per year for the premium version, which allows you to lock the system and / or erase its hard drive. Incidentally, you can even do so if the hard disk has been formatted systems. HP ProBook 6560b power supply also works with Intel AT (anti-theft) technology, which will almost kill a system if it does not call home within a certain time. Some features require a broadband wireless to work.

The graphic is made by AMD Radeon 6470 GPU, the same, so to speak, that can be installed on the ProBook 6560b. Optionally, you can equip the systems in a high-definition built-in webcam to keep in touch with friends and colleagues through well-defined and clear images. The upgrade of the line ProBook does not end here.

The HP ProBook 6560b is designed as a mainstream business notebook which ca be deployed across an organization. The notebook has a professional look, but is a more contemporary design than on some competing notebooks. While the EliteBook models are aimed at high demand users, the ProBook 6560 is designed for mobile professionals with business performance and durability in mind.

Servicing the HP ProBook 6560b is very easy. As was the case with the latest EliteBook, all you have to do is release the cover and slide it off. It doesn’t come off as easily as the EliteBook’s cover, though. The HP CC06 battery looks well put together, with nary a cable out of place — every thing looks neat and tidy and all the major components are easy to access.


  • Brand = HP
  • Model = ProBook 6560b
  • Display Screen = 15.6” LED backlight HD anti-glare TFT 1366 x 768 ( WXGA )
  • Wide Screen = No
  • Processor = Intel Core i5 2410M / 2.3 GHz ( 2.9 GHz ) ( Dual-Core )
  • Ram memory = 4 GB (installed) / 16 GB (max), DDR3 SDRAM, 1333 MHz, PC3-10600 ( 1 x 4 GB )
  • Speakers = good quality speakers
  • Lan/Ethernet Card = Standard Lan Card
  • Hard Disk Drive = 320 GB, Serial ATA-300, 7200 rpm
  • Operating system = Microsoft Windows 7 Professional 64-bit Edition
  • HDMI Port = No
  • Wi Fi = 802.11b/g/n
  • HD Graphics Card = Intel HD Graphics 3000
  • Dimension = 14.7 in x 9.9 in x 1.3 in
  • Weight = 5.7 lbs
  • Battery = 6-cell lithium ion

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